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Introduction: I am Dr. Abdul Mateen, MD. I am a Board Certified Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist and the founder of Peace of Mind Behavioral Health,LLC. I have been in practice for over 15 years and have been recognized as a "TopDoc" by Leading Physicians of The World. In addition to providing out patient medication management services at Peace of Mind Behavioral Health, LLC, I also serve as the Medical Director for The Barry Robinson Center, a children's residential treatment facility in Norfolk, VA.

Why see a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist: Mental illness in children negatively impacts several key areas of child and family life. A growing number of children in the US suffer from emotional and behavioral disorders. Children with untreated mental illness are at increased risk of self harming behaviors, anger problems, legal problems, poor academic performance, family conflicts, and risk of alcohol and drug use. In addition, untreated mental illness in children often persists into adulthood. Early recognition and proper treatment is of essence. A board certified child & adolescent psychiatrist has the necessary expertise in understanding your child's growing brain. In addition, a child & adolescent psychiatrist knows when to safely prescribe medications, and even more importantly, when not to prescribe medications.

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A sad reality: It can be extremely frustrating to see your child suffering from depression, anxiety, ADHD, anger issues or school problems. What is even more frustrating is the fact that you are trying to seek help for your child but can't find someone who specializes in treating children. Children are not small sized adults. They have unique mental health needs that are best served by a qualified child & adolescent psychiatrist. Unfortunately, because of a severe shortage of child & adolescent psychiatrists, a large number of children with emotional and behavioral problems do not get the proper treatment  they need.

I can help: If you feel like your child has mental health issues but is not being treated properly, or if the grades are slipping, or symptoms continue in spite of your child being in therapy, or if you feel like your child is on a ton of medications but still not making progress, I encourage you to call us today so that your child can receive the age and developmentally appropriate treatment that he or she needs. I offer after school and Saturday morning appointments for your convenience, with very short wait times for appointments.

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Treatment Philosophy

Safety should always be the number one priority when prescribing medications for children. I am rather conservative when it comes to prescribing medications. I use medications only when absolutely necessary. After evaluation, I will discuss with you and your child regarding various treatment options and what your preferences are. You and your child would be an active participant in deciding on the best course of treatment for your child. If we collaboratively decide that medications are indicated, several different choices will be given to you to help you make an informed decision. I tend to start at the lowest dose that would be effective for managing the symptoms. I will discuss with you and your child regarding what to expect from the medication and what to look out for in terms of potential side effects. The goal is to use as few medications as possible and at the smallest effective dose to minimize side effects.

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